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How much are you really paying for your health insurance?

Janice Kapp with JKapp Consulting is NOT your typical health insurance consultant. She offers (brokers) several different insurance coverages, because how do you know if you are getting the best deal when you only talk with one company? Don’t forget that your total healthcare costs include your co-pay, prescriptions, doctor visits, insurance payments, etc. Her goal is to help you save on your TOTAL healthcare costs.

Get a true health-insurance consultation

When a client connects with Janice, she consults with them and learns the details about their health-insurance needs, and then she puts together an easy-to-consume report that compares current health insurance costs and services with a proposed plan. She almost always can provide a plan that saves you money on your total healthcare costs! And her services don’t end at the sale … she is your service provider for the long-term. Get this: If she can’t help you with improved coverage or a better cost, she will tell you so … we have seen her do it!

Phone: (512) 827-8117

Address: 2110 Ranch Rd 620 S, Unit 342392, Austin, Texas 78734

JKapp Consulting

2110 Ranch Rd 620 S
Unit 342392
Austin, Texas 78734